Cutting-edge security and safety solutions

RMC is the industry leader in creating ground-breaking solutions to security, safety, and environmental issues across the UK. We cater to the construction, engineering, enforcement, security, and government infrastructure sectors – as well as corporate enterprises.

Our services include:

  • Environmental crime detection – using bespoke Artificial Intelligence technology to expose litterers and fly-tippers quickly and accurately.
  • CCTV and site monitoring – expert advice on which CCTV camera is best [KS1] suited for your site.
  • Surveying and inspections – aerial, land-based, and underwater – our teams can go where the majority of our competitors cannot.
  • Mapping, modelling, and digital twin creation –2D/3D recreations of your land, assets, site, or infrastructure.
  • Photography, videography, cinematography, aerial imaging, live-streaming, and timelapse photography – our work is internationally renowned.
  • Search and rescue – insured and equipped to assist UK emergency services.

RMC prides itself on its state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge technology enabling us to provide cost-effective services and efficient safety and security solutions – with a significant reduction in risk.

Our clients