Rapid deploy CCTV solutions for remote locations

RMC can provide permanent, temporary or and emergency-use high definition, remotely viewable, CCTV cameras for rapid deployment at sites with no access to power or internet. Cameras can be fixed, vehicle mounted or installed on our portable vandal proof mast systems, which are ideal for festivals or events. All CCTV cameras can be deployed and operational in less than 45 minutes.

Our solar and wind powered 4G LTE/5G IP CCTV cameras are ideal for short and medium term monitoring of construction/highways/engineering sites, rural areas or buildings, remote locations and temporary security checkpoints where it is impossible to run power and data cabling. Areas of persistent crime or anti-social behaviour can be instantly monitored while provisions for longer-term solutions are implemented.

We offer both managed and unmanaged bespoke solutions which suit a range of client requirements from simple “view only” (via any internet connected device, tablet or smartphone) to a full recording solution (compliant with all legal, security, GDPR and ICO data storage requirements). All CCTV images, video and audio* are date and time-stamped and admissible as evidence in court. Our managed solutions offer advanced functionality such as facial recognition, ANPR and AI algorithms to detect illegal and anti-social behaviour.

As our custom-build, bespoke CCTV solutions do not require power or a wired network connection, multiple cameras can be installed across a site and live images fed directly to your office, command centre or NOC, giving you a complete overview of your event or site. All cameras are fully PTZ controllable with two-way audio* and night-vision infrared LED’s.

*audio recording in public spaces is generally prohibited under UK law – please contact us to discuss

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