Data Capture

Low cost, survey-grade, aerial & ground based data

RMC data capture services provide exceptionally detailed sub-centimetre accurate datasets which can be used for virtually anything, including accurate stockpile measurements, historical evidence gathering, environmental data, progress reporting, livestock counting and virtual inspections.

Our aerial platforms consist of the best and most cutting-edge commercial technology available on the market today, including the DJI Matrice, Phantom 4 RTK, Mavic Enterprise and eBee fixed-wing drones. 

We are of only 1% of UK commercial UAV (drone) operators to hold PfCO and OSC permissions from the CAA, allowing us to fly closer to objects and terrain than most, and Beyond Visual Line of Site (BVLOS), further reducing the time it takes to capture sub-centimeter accurate datasets.  

Our in-house Client Portal has been designed to deliver our clients their media quickly and securely, without the need for third-party data transfer applications, and to any internet-connected device. 

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