Search & rescue

Recent advances in drone technology have had a hugely positive impact on search and rescue for missing dogs, and RMC are always very happy to assist with missing pet searches in our local area where we can. Unfortunately, due to most of our drone teams being pre-booked for aerial work weeks in advance, it isn’t always possible to help with last-minute search requests. 

Our very good friends at Drone SAR For Lost Dogs UK run a completely free service, connecting owners of missing pets with both aerial and ground search teams throughout the UK, and have over 1600 volunteer drone pilots, over 1600 volunteer ground searchers and over 37000 Facebook group members across the country. In the time they been operating, DSAR have helped reunite over 1900 missing dogs with their owners (as of March 2021). 

If your dog is missing, we highly recommend contacting Drone SAR For Lost Dogs UK in the first instance, where a dedicated admin team will guide you through the process involved, and connect you to the nearest search team. 

You can contact Drone SAR For Lost Dogs UK via their Facebook page here


Please note that while we fully support the amazing work that Drone SAR For Lost Dogs UK does, RMC are not affiliated with Drone SAR For Lost Dogs UK in any way.