Roof Surveys

Roof surveys have traditionally been carried out using ladders, scaffolding or expensive mobile platforms which can be costly, time consuming and dangerous. 

RMC can survey an entire roof in as little as 30 minutes using next-generation drones, ultra high definition cameras and specialist access equipment. We offer a number of inspection packages and services, from a basic inspection through to a full FLIR thermal imaging survey. Photographs and/or videos can be delivered to the customer on site and in real-time. 

We can quickly, easily and safely detect missing or unsafe roof tiles, defects, water entry points, moss and guttering blockages without any of the dangers associated with working at height. 


Our unique 3D roof mapping service offers a full 3D CAD-ready model of your roof which can be used for building planning applications and architectural visualisations. 


Our roof inspection services are used by residential customers, estate agents, architects, building managers and roofing companies. 

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Frequently asked questions

Can you fly a drone over my house?

RMC are fully CAA and Drone Safe Register approved for aerial operations and we carry £5,000,000 public liability insurance for all aerial works. Each flight is overseen by our in-house NEBOSH qualified health and safety experts and all flight operations are completed by highly experienced and CAA approved drone pilots. 

We are, or course, bound by UK Air Law and there are some cases where we may not initally be permitted to operate drones (very densely populated areas, for example). Such instances will be identified during an initial remote site survey, which we provide completely free of charge, and suitable mitigation or alternatives will be offered. 

Can't I just fly my drone and survey my own roof?

In most cases, no - UK Air Law states that non-CAA approved operators must not operate drones within 150m of persons or property (see the UK Drone Code for further information). RMC are permitted to bypass these limitations due to extensive CAA safety cases and operating procedures. 

We highly recommend you check that anybody offering to survey your property holds a UK PfCO (CAA Permission for Commercial Operations) and has full liability insurance. Click/tap here to check CAA's approved list of drone operators.

How much does it cost?

A basic survey package starts at £300, depending on the location of the flight. We offer a completely free remote site survey and quote to all of our customers, with absolutely no obligation to buy. 

What if it rains on the day of my survey?

RMC's next-generation drones can operate in adverse weather conditions, should this be appropriate. In the event of weather conditions affecting your survey, we will happily arrange an alternative date at no cost to yourself. 


All enquiries, initial site surveys and quotations are free of charge - you are under no obligation to proceed if you choose not to. 

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