Faster, safer and more reliable than traditional survey methods

RMC use a range of technology to provide high resolution, survey-grade images and video to perform industry-leading surveys to clients across the country. Our fleet of drones range from the compact DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise to the DJI Phantom 4 RTK to the DJI Matrice with Zenmuse XT2 thermal and Z30 inspection cameras. With a constantly evolving range of professional equipment, we always ensure we have the right tool for the job.

Our CAA PfCO, OSC & A2 CofC permissions allow us to perform aerial drone operations in areas which are off-limits to 99% of UK based commercial drone operators, enabling us to capture ultra-high definition aerial images virtually anything for clients across residential, commercial, construction, engineering and highways sectors. Construction sites, roofs, pipes, turbines & chimneys, confined & dangerous/inaccessible spaces, dams, bridges, culverts & docks, agricultural land & buildings, roads & motorways, tunnels and factories across the UK can all benefit from our fast, safe and efficient survey services.

Where it simply isn’t possible to operate a drone, our teams are equipped with a range of access poles, mast systems and reaching equipment and underwater cameras. Used as an alternative we can gather and deliver data as required, whilst ensuring we cause little to no disruption to the operations of your business.

Maintaining the highest level of safety is key to our success and we are proud to be able to achieve results where others cannot.

RMC can survey any area – however impossible or inaccessible it may seem.

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