Photography & Video

Stunning photography & video from internationally published photographers

At the heart of what we do, RMC have provided stunning photography for over a decade. Our work has been featured in every UK national newspaper and media publications worldwide, as well as in promotional & sales material, corporate videos and training material.  

Great quality photography can help support the sale of a home, promote a festival or event, create rich and engaging marketing & social media content or document the progress of medium to long term construction and engineering projects.

Our unique style of capturing & editing images and video, coupled with the very latest photographic equipment on the market, allow us to provide our clients with print-ready material, engaging social media content, or documentary-style imagery. 

For more information on event and festival photography, please visit our sister site RMC Event Photography

RMC produce cost-effective aerial cinematography and videography for clients across the UK. Our highly experienced UAS pilots are fully approved and insured to operate in congested spaces during day or night time hours, using a range of industry-leading aerial platforms and Netflix-approved cameras.

Whether you're looking for stunning 4K aerial or ground footage for television & film, corporate promotional or sales videos, RMC are available to mobilise anywhere in the country and can operate in all weather conditions. 

Drone footage has also become increasingly popular across construction and engineering sectors, as client demand for rich social media content increases week on week. 

Many operators will sell a "full 4K video" service at low-cost and shoot using substandard drones such as the DJI Mini 2, resulting in flat and uninspiring video footage. RMC operate enterprise grade ground and aerial cameras, ensuring our clients the best possible quality, every single time. 

We offer a full production service where required, from initial storyboard planning to post-editing, sound production and colour grading. 

Time lapse photography is the technique of taking a sequence of frames at set intervals to record changes that take place slowly over time. 

RMC can provide time lapse photography for short, medium or long term construction and civil engineering projects, allowing our clients to showcase their schemes from initial ground clearance to completion. Upon project completion, time lapse stills are compiled into a single video file to showcase the entire project as a standalone video, or included as part of a post-project completion film or report. 

Working with our partners at Timelapse Ltd, we are now able to allow clients real-time access to their time lapse feed, adding the ability to monitor their projects from any internet connected device. 

Example time lapse video (opens in a new window/tab)

With the ability to upload from any camera or UAS (drone) using the very latest LiveU streaming hardware, RMC can provide a live streaming video and audio feed from virtually anywhere in the country (via 4G/5G), giving you the ability to monitor a site, situation, emergency or security checkpoint from any internet connected device, regardless of your location. 

Our live streams are AES-128 encrypted with a delay of <5 seconds, allowing a real-time overview from the comfort and safety of your home, office, control room or NOC. 

Our clients use our streaming services for incident coordination and management, as well as responder deployment and personnel management during emergency situations. Our teams are able to mobilise anywhere across the south in just minutes so are ideally suited for unplanned events or incidents.

Our emergency response vehicles are Chapter 8/ECE Reg65 complaint with rear facing LED message boards, further improving safety when dealing with live incidents on highways or in congested areas. 

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Our work has been published by media outlets across the UK and beyond